Listed below are items our teachers would LOVE to have in their classroom, but they’re not covered by our limited school budget. We appreciate any and all help from our community in helping fill the needs of our teachers. All donations will be used for the benefit of the student at McLaughlin Middle and Fine Arts Academy. Please email Ms. Hamilton at to make a donation.

K. Coatney, Agriculture

10-10-10 Fertilizer (3 bags): for tending to the garden

Bypass Garden Lopper (5): for tending to the garden and animal area

Bypass Hand Pruners: for harvesting in the garden

Egg Candler: to teach interior egg grading to students

Fan Rakes (10): to use in the garden and animal pens

Hay Chute: for animal care

Hay Rake (Stall Forks): for tending to animals

Hoes (10): for tending to the garden

Post-Hole Diggers: for building and expanding animal areas

Preen Garden Weed Preventer, 16 lb Tub (2): for tending to the garden

Push Brooms: to clean-up the shop

Screwdriver Sets: for building and expanding animal areas

Tape Measurers: for building and expanding animal areas

J. Jackson – ESE

Adult Bean Bag Chairs: to relax and cool down

Animal Feed/Stew: for employability

Cooking Supplies: for life skills

Garden Tools: for like skills/employability

High-Interest Books, Grades 2 – 4: needed for class and library, reading/AR

Paper Cutter, 18″ Cut: for Math/Read program

Puzzles: for social/personal skills

Quiet Fidget Toys: for calming

STEM Games and Manipulatives (Legos): for high-interest thinking, creative brick box, and others

A. Morris, World History/Civics – 8th

Pull Down Maps: to show students where historic events took place

P. Spiker, ELA/Reading – 6th

Blue File Folders: to track student progress

A. Wilhite, Theatre

OfficeMate Hanging File Frame: to use in filing cabinets

Pocket Chart: to use for vocab wall