Archery Club

Archery increases balance, strength, focus, coordination and raises self-awareness. Taking part in archery is a great way to improve your cardiovascular health. It also helps with Hand-Eye Coordination Improvement, Stress Relief, and Muscle Strengthening. Archery can teach you to stretch your patience, build physical strength and stability. Archery is good for the brain because it can decrease anxiety and depression.

  • Build Confidence
  • Perfect Your Aim
  • Train For Hunting
  • Prepare For Competitions
Student aiming a bow and arrow at a target
Blocks stacked together painted in a variety of colors

Art Club

Things We Do:

  • Hang out with your close friends
  • Free Draw
  • Hydro Dipping
  • Learn to be swaggy
  • Painting
  • Games

Where creativity is positivity!

  • Weekly Meetings
  • Fun Art Projects
  • Transportation Provided
  • Make Cool Friends

Chess Club

We want you to join the chess club, chess club is a club formed for the purpose of playing the board game of chess. Chess clubs often provide for both informal and tournament games and sometimes offer league play. The longest official game of chess took place in 1989 that included 269 moves and went on for over 20 hours. In a single game of chess, there are 400 possible moves after each move played. It is possible to checkmate your opponent in just two moves. So, come on and join the fun at the chess club at McLaughlin Middle School.

  • Join = smart kid
  • Don’t be shy just play smart
  • Snacks
  • Helps you take control of your mind
  • Helps you to relieve stress
A chess board with the text Chess Club above
Teacher standing with students preparing food

Culinary Arts

Culinary is the art of preparing, cooking, presenting, and serving food. Culinary can help kids by helping them learn various lifelong skills like math skills by counting, measuring, and time tracking. They can also gain social skills by working in teams and communicating in the kitchen.

Mathaletics Club

We would like to welcome you to join McLaughlin’s Mathletes. In this club, we bring fun into solving math equations. During Mathletes, we strive to bring fun into math. We compete in competitions for prizes and awards and support our team whether a lose or win.

There are few requirements:

  • You come to at least two meetings and most competitions.
  • You maintain a B or higher in your math classes.
Young boy solving math problems on a chalk board