Uniform Information

If you any students have not received their order of school shirts, we will allow the students to wear an appropriate grade level colored polo shirt until 9/18/2020. After this date, the student will be consident in violation of the Polk County Schools Code of Conduct. (6th grade – Gold, 7th grade – Red, and 8th grade – Black)

Bottoms: Must be solid khaki/tan pants or shorts. All bottoms must be hemmed, the appropriate size and worn at the waist. They must be plain, solid color khaki/tan free of rips, tears, frays or holes. Trimming, stripes, embroidery, etc. are not permitted. Sweat pants, knit pants, spandex, tights, skinny pants, leggings worn as pants and overalls are NOT permitted.

TopsONLY McLaughlin’s cotton, crew neck, spirit shirts, navy or polo shirts are permitted. Shirts must be tucked in and fit appropriately.

Shoes: Shoes must be safe and appropriate, as determined by the school.  Shoes must have a heel strap and a hard sole. Flip flops, slides, and slippers are not permissible.

Belts: Pants, shorts, skirts, and shorts with belt loops must be worn with belts.

Students are not allowed to wear clothing, jewelry, buttons, haircuts, tattoos, or other attire or markings which are offensive, suggestive, disruptive, and indecent or gang-related.  The following are NOT permissible:

  • Hats, hoods, visors, bandanas, headscarves, or doo rags.
  • Combs or hair picks worn in the hair.
  • Clothing that depicts drugs, alcohol, tobacco, profanity, obscenity, vulgarity or violence.
  • Clothing associated with discrimination on the basis of age, race, handicap, national origin, marital status, religion or sex.
  • Clothing exposing the torso or upper thighs such as see-through garments, miniskirts, or mini-dresses, halters, backless, tube tops, tank tops, bare midriff outfits or blouses tied at the midriff.
  • Clothing improperly fastened, frayed, torn, pinned up/under or rolled up/under.
  • Oversized or undersized clothing.

eSchool Dress Code Expectations, Technology Needs & More

Dress Code Expectations
Students are expected to be respectful of the virtual classroom environment.
Clothing that is appropriate for the virtual classroom: All eLearners plain red t-shirts until September 18th.  McLaughlin uniforms required by September 21st.
No clothing that is inappropriate for the virtual classroom: hats, shirts with offensive logos or messages, ripped or torn clothing, nor pajamas.

Things to Remember
Follow your school course schedule.
Create a schedule for yourself with breaks included.
Login on time
Communicate with your teacher if you have questions.
Academic integrity is important in campus and online learning. Students are expected to do their own work and should not cut, copy, or plagiarize Internet content.

Technology Needs
Computer (this excludes phones and Chromebooks).
Internet access
A webcam or built-in camera.
Full keyboard
Headphones may be needed when meeting with teachers online.

Be Ready for Back-to-School

View our Reopening Information page to view the latest information for orientation, eSchool Device Distribution, and more!

Supply List

Find out what supplies you will need for the school year.

Please contact the front office if you have any questions or comments concerning the supply list.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions concerning the supply list or uniform information. You can also view the school district’s uniform information on their website listed below.