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Learning a new skill like playing the guitar gives you a feeling of accomplishment. That tricky chord or unsurmountable riff? Just take them one step at a time, and you’ll eventually crack the code, which in turn can boost self-esteem and elicit positive vibes.

Students will have fun as playing the guitar can be relaxing, brain-stimulating, and even social if you play with friends. If you find that you have real talent and passion for it, you can get more serious about it, and this may be a love you have for the rest of your life!

  • Increases memory capacity
  • It’s good for your mental health
  • Improves your time management


The Orchestra program consists of the Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginning orchestras. They participate in all of the Florida Orchestra Association events, including All-County, MPA, Solo and Ensemble, and present two formal concerts during the school year. They also have the opportunity to participate in field trips and outside performances throughout the year.

This elective helps kids gain confidence and learn something they can make a profession out of as well as gives students an opportunity for scholarships. Students can meet people and make friends, while they participate in fun events such as the winter/ spring concert, solo and ensemble events, and field trips. (as long as covid does not impact the year) this elective interacts with many other electives and clubs. Students learn something useful and walk away with joy for music.

Beginner and Advanced Levels available!

Rock & Roll

Rock & Roll sets up an intentional learning atmosphere by leveraging the power of social play and student ownership. Honoring the human dignity of children, a culture of fearlessness and respect unfolds, resulting in empowered, self-directed learners. Students form a band, select a song, and choose instruments they want to play on that song. The R/R facilitator assists the students in learning the musical parts they need to perform in their chosen songs. Each semester culminates in a full-blown- rock band concert.


Band gives students the unique opportunity to learn and develop their skills on a musicalinstrument. Students begin in band in middle school and often go on to participate as musicians in high school and beyond. Students participate in a variety of concerts and festivals all year.


Chorus improves musical skills in addition to developing character traits that will aid in modeling students into productive and confident adults. Chorus gives students the freedom of expression through music while they also learn to find their voice. Chorus students at McLaughlin have the chance to perform a Variety of classical and pop songs throughout the year.


Drama helps to build acting skills, self-confidence, and creativity. McLaughlin students in the theatre/drama department get many chances to perform during the year, including the fall play, spring musical, and All County Theatre Fest. Students also learn technical skills such as running lights and sound. Students in our Jr. Thespian Troupe perform throughout the year as well as at the District and State Competition.


One of the most popular electives is dance. There are different types of dance like hip hop, ballet, tap, and even jazz
dance. Dance is fun and full of surprises and keeps you active!

  • Be Active
  • Be Motivated
  • Make New Friends
  • Amazing People
  • Learn a great skill
  • Have Fun
  • Be Creative
  • Perform

Visual Art

Visual Art promotes critical thinking and develops creativity. Students are encouraged to understand the fundamentals of the elements of art and principles of design. 2D Art focuses on drawing, painting, mixed media, and printmaking while 3D Art explores sculpture, ceramics, and pottery-all of which can be seen in our on-site gallery.
McLaughlin also offers Digital Art which teaches 21st century computer skills through the creation of art in Adobe Photoshop. Student work is seen in many shows each year, including national exhibits at the Polk Museum of Art.

Art Elective

  • Learn How To…
    • Draw
    • Paint
    • Sculpt
  • Opportunity for greatness
  • Friends of like minds
  • Find your love of art
  • Making Fun come to life
  • Design your own projects
  • Win prizes and competitions
  • Get recognized for talent
  • Or just have fun being creative
A painting of trees, the sky and a lake
A computer with 3D software in between two 3D printers

3-D Art

One great innovative step towards the future.

  • 3D Models
  • Design
  • Build
  • Create
  • Coding
  • Code Minecraft


Join ITV Now! Here’s why:

“I like editing videos and pictures”

“I do a lot of things like writing scripts, filming, and photoshop.”

Image of a Football, Baseball, and Basketball

Physical Education

If you come to McLaughlin Middle School and Fine Arts Academy and have PE as an elective, they would help you get ready if you’re trying to be an athlete. Also, it would help with your health because some schools PE doesn’t do what our school does.

The sports we have at McLaughlin Middle School is Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Kickball, Track, Soccer, and Baseball.